Annnnd the Ukulele – Luna High Tide Koa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele. Travel guitars become more and more popular each year for one big reason: Traveling with your guitar can be really, really hard. This guitar isn’t just great for travel – it sounds amazing as well! The Dreadnought Junior is equipped with a solid Sitka spruce top and, get this, solid Sapele back and sides (most other travel guitars use laminated back and sides). With a 25.5” scale length, this guitar will be able to give you that full sound that we all want, and at the same time, will be very easy to travel with. It’s our top pick for a travel guitar. Maple/ Pau Ferro. Brilliant gifts for sound hounds and music lovers. With its full-size neck and nut width, and its great playability, this guitar is also very comfortable to play and easy to carry around. And there's plenty of angst associated with hauling a fragile, expensive, temperamental music-maker around. 5 Final Verdict: The Best Travel Guitar; What Is A Travel Guitar? Washburn makes quality guitars, so reviewing this instrument was going to be interesting. What are the best acoustic travel guitars? Due to the size and shape of the instrument it can sound more banjo than full six-string, but that shouldn’t detract from what is an excellent, well-priced companion for your travels. Yes, there are many travel guitars that sound very full, but generally, they won’t compare to a regular guitar on that aspect. It has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, chrome-plated die-cast tuners, and protective high-gloss finish. It has a 24-inch scale length and strong tuning pegs. Well, most people say you can’t go wrong with a Martin and in this case, most people are right. These will do the job. A travel guitar is basically a portable guitar that’s smaller than a typical guitar. But if you want to travel light and conveniently, 3/4 acoustic guitars are certainly the best choice. The Cordoba Mini M is the travel guitar of decision for some nylon string players, with it’s smaller than normal size and strong specs. Going out on a camping trip, a picnic or just for jamming sessions, the guitar works wonderfully in all situations. Contents. Does a travel acoustic guitar sound similar to a regular full-size guitar? Especially nowadays, we feel that the journey is kind of our safe haven. Also See: Top 7 Best Travel Electric Guitars For Your Money. Those kinds of adventures are worth to live for. Starting at Regular price $299.99 Sale price $299.99 Sale. The top of a guitar is the part largely responsible for the sound and volume, so by giving you this solid-wood top, but opting for a laminated mahogany neck, back and sides, you get an affordable, sturdy build, with a solid sound response. The best classical guitars will have a flat fingerboard and a wider neck, measuring around a full 2” across the nut. These things aren’t the end of the world, but they definitely need to be in the mind of any beginner purchasing a travel guitar. ShortList is now ad free and supported by you, the users. If your goal is to just have an easy way of playing your instrument everywhere you want, travel acoustic guitars might be what you need. Its back and sides are Mohagany, and also its neck. It features a mahogany body and solid spruce top as well as a rosewood fingerboard. Since these three elements influence each other, is often hard to choose which one we should prioritize the most. Even for the extra $200, I found it to be a much superior guitar to the Taylor Baby. Get the best deal for Travel Guitars from the largest online selection at In the end, it comes down to what you want, so only you know what you want to buy and do. All guitar players should own at least one travel guitar. So, you want a nice travel guitar to bring with you every time you go out? The Cordoba Mini SM-CE has a surprisingly good finish for the price. Mini Guitar Series, Travel Guitars, Theme Guitars. C stands for “cutaway”.PA stands for Performing Artist. Why should I buy an acoustic travel guitar? This striking guitar is dripping in patented technology. Talking about strong, this convenient nylon string guitar accompanies a strong spruce top, which is unique given its sticker price. A nice alternative to the Martin with a slightly different look, the Washburn is excellent to play out of the box, and comes with an especially decent travel case. Not only can you play it through an amp, as you would any electric guitar, you can plug it into your computer and use it as a midi controller. It's big, bulky, heavy, and hard to maneuver; you're scared that your main ax will be defaced or broken in transit; sometimes you even need to pay for an extra seat. You are in the right place. It still makes a fantastically priced, compact travel option, however, and unlike many travel guitars it’s very nicely balanced in the hand, making it extremely comfortable to play. It’s incredibly light, rugged, very easy to play due to the low action (how close the strings sit to the fretboard) and – despite the odd shape of the soundbox – produces a great sound. Next up in our hunt for the best travel guitar acoustic players will enjoy is this gorgeous guitar from SX. Now, you might also just want to have a small guitar to carry around the house. 17 $ 179.00 $ 149.00. There are five colours available including Dakota Red, Natural and 3-Color Sunburst. It looks as good as it sounds, making it a great option from one of the best luthiers in the industry. © Copyright 2020 The Stylist Group. Cedar is a good tonewood for the top of a guitar. In my opinion, you should pick a guitar that is small enough to carry anywhere with you, budget-friendly, and that sounds as better as possible. The Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Acoustic Guitar has a full 24″ scale and guitar sized neck. The Taylor GS Mini is one of the most popular travel guitars on the market. The challenges, stresses and demands asked of an instrument on the road – both acoustic and electric – are quite different from those of a housebound guitar. Moreover, it has mahogany tonewood back and neck and a solid spruce top. Most of them are very small and they will fit everywhere. I will be listing the 12-string acoustic guitars…, Looking for the best acoustic electric guitars? These rejected Bond songs are for your ears only. The SX Trav 1 Traveling Guitar has a solid spruce top, Mahogany truss rod adjustable neck, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and Graphtech NuBone saddle. All should sound incredible, be easily transportable and prove robust. Like all of the best travel guitars, you are definitely going to sacrifice some tone for the sake traveling lighter, but if light is what you need, then Traveler Guitar TB-4P Electric Bass got you covered. These guitars don’t take up much space and you don’t need to worry about excess baggage charges on airport. It is made with typical Yamaha excellence and features a Meranti wood back and sides. The guitars that I listed are simply the ones I consider best, there are surely many others that are great options as well for travel guitars. Mahogany and maple are two of the best tonewoods, especially when paired together. As a musician, it is important to be able to play whenever the mood arises and having a travel guitar allows you to do just that. This really depends on the quality of the travel guitar that you own and how often you use it. If you travel a lot and like to play the guitar even more, then you should at least consider it. UPDATE:Fender has just launched a new guitar. Despite this the guitar offers a wonderful playing experience, and the removable lap rest makes it great to play sitting down as well as standing. Don’t be put-off by the Ultra-Light Electric’s unusual looks (it is 28% shorter and 68% lighter than a standard guitar). By Tommy Melville. 25 things you didn't know about (What's The Story) Morning Glory? I’ve never had any problems with my guitars while traveling, they have always been with me. Whether it’s an instrument that folds at the neck, or one that disassembles completely, there are many options on the market vying for your consideration. Mini Guitar Series, Travel Guitars, Theme Guitars, Kids Guitars. And when it comes to its fretboard, one of the problems that might occur is that when is time to change to a full-size guitar, if the fretboard size is not the same, then you will have to readapt to it. Sale! Compared to other guitars on this list, the price for this travel guitar might be more convenient for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money. 5 meaning the 5th tier and lowest expense. Definitely worth considering for beginners. How can I keep my travel guitar safe while I’m traveling? If you are a bicyclist or ride a motorcycle, it is easier to take a mini-guitar wherever you go. The guitars that I listed are simply the ones I consider best, there are surely many others that are great options as well for travel guitars. fishbone HELLO KITTY-BLACK 3/4 Size LEFTY. How often do travel guitars get out of tune? Are these travel guitars good for beginners? 4,700 Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter ; Share on Google+; Share on Reddit; Share on Pinterest; Share on Linkedin; Share on Tumblr; As a guitarist, having an instrument you can travel with is a big advantage. Unless you are getting a special deal or the strings are being offered as add-on items at a reduced price, you probably won't find the quality you want in the $3 to $6 range. This Luna Safari Series Muse Tavel acoustic guitar features a Rosewood fingerboard, Satin finish, and Mahogany top, back and sides, as well as a Celtic laser etching around the soundhole. Guitar scale length refers to the length of the neck from nut to bridge in inches, which usually ranges from 24.75 to 25.5 inches. The perfect footwear for warmer weather - choose the best sandals for you. It features Ovangkol top, back, and sides, and a  Rosewood fingerboard. Discover a host of great tracks, curated by the experts. The mahogany body gives you a deep, rich sound that rivals full-sized acoustic guitars, and the spruce top gives it a light, classic look. Available now for £1,749. Pro tip:  According to USA Today, “You should also put some additional padding around the peghead. 0. A good guitar is worth paying for, though. The smallest, lightest, full-scale acoustic travel guitars in the world. These are also capable of doing so. Add to Cart View Details. The travel guitar has 6 strings which is a completely different experience. This award-winning electric guitar breaks down into its fundamental parts to make it extremely portable. But sometimes even while traveling and getting those amazing feelings, you […] As one of the best acoustic travel. Travelling with a guitar can be a hassle. Add to Cart View Details. This is a great travel guitar or beginner’s guitar, albeit at a price tag that may seem expensive when compared to other models with similar spec. Below given are top 10 best travel guitars: Regardless of where you’re headed off to, we’ve got some top-notch travel guitars that you need to check out! It is not a discouragement. This 6-string Martin travel acoustic guitar has a contoured neck for a proper grip. 0. It features Ovangkol top, back, and sides, and a  Rosewood fingerboard. The 6 Best Acoustic Travel Guitars in 2020 (Compact and Durable) By It Might Get Loud . In order to pick the best acoustic travel guitars, I tried basing my research on quality, price, and size. Fortunately guitar makers have developed increasingly crafty ways of building decent, playable, portable guitars. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Because I had too. Many travel and mini-guitars are compact instruments that manufacturers design to be lightweight. GP means Grand Performance. This guitar is very small compared to others, it will fit almost everywhere. Acoustic travel guitars are often more convenient because when we are traveling, the primary goal of owning a travel guitar is to take less space. Upvote the one that has a place on your tour bus. With a small size that makes it perfect for traveling, this guitar will also deliver a great tone that many will love. Of course, things like guitar size, airplane size, airline, and whoever is in charge that day will influence whether you have a problem or not. Aside from these two things, I don’t see a difference between buying a travel acoustic guitar and buying a full-size regular acoustic guitar. Mini Guitar Series, Travel Guitars, Theme Guitars. Reply. The Martin Steel-String Backpacker Acoustic Travel Guitar is one guitar that people talk about a lot. … The feeling of wanderlust unites all of us. Let’s get strumming shall we? This Voyage-Air Transit Series VAOM-02 is one of its kind on this list (just look at the picture above). 1 Top 7 Travel Guitars. However, you should prepare your body for some cumbersome load that you should carry. A feast of fascinating facts about the classic Oasis record which turns 25. Vintage Red. It also comes standard with a Fishman Sonitone pickup with volume and tone controls neatly tucked away inside the sound hole. You should think about the things you want to do with a travel guitar in the case you buy one. It’s about three quarters the size of a regular guitar, but features a solid mahogany top and ebony fretboard. This beautiful low action guitar has a unique Koa that highlights the spruce top with matte finish. Rosewood is one of the most popular tonewood choices. In this article, I will be talking about the ones I think are worth checking…, Martin Steel String Backpacker Acoustic Travel Guitar, olid tonewood back and sides, and chrome tuning machines. If the electric guitar has the amplifier attached to the guitar in such a way that won’t take away space at all, then it will just fall into a personal preference thing. I will assume you will primarily want it for traveling. It still has a full scale-length or a nearly full scale-length, but it’s friendlier for traveling, sometimes in harsh weather conditions. This guitar is a perfect choice if you travel often; you can easily strap it around your shoulder and go. If you’re after a portable classical guitar this should be near the top of your shortlist. In my opinion, any beginner will do well with one of these travel guitars. The detachable neck system means the guitar collapses into a very portable package, and the under-saddle transducer pickup provides an accurate tone when playing through an amp. Antique Brown. This is a very important question to consider once you have your travel guitar with you. As a rule, remember that it is impossible for a guitar to be always in tune. 13 $ 179.00 $ 149.00. It also boasts a beautifully warm sound, significantly better than you’d expect of something this size, and is also generous on the wallet. With its full-size neck and nut width, and its great playability, this guitar is also very comfortable to play and easy to carry around. Check for Best Price. Choosing the right travel guitar is all about understanding your needs as a guitarist, but our list provides a great cross section of the market. Maple. With a. As with many travel guitars, the shape is entirely different. The wider spacing behind the strings might shock some players but those who have played a modern shred guitar might find it to their liking. Which acoustic travel guitar should I buy? It’s the future. Tell us about it, and if enough people agree we'll add it in. The challenges, stresses and demands asked of an instrument on the road – both acoustic and electric – are quite different from those of a housebound guitar. Since these guitars are smaller in size, you can easily play one on a chair, plane or train seat with armrests without any difficulty. | Free shipping on many items! Let’s finally talk about the best acoustic guitars for blues. Which is why you need the best travel guitar. One of the most distinctive-looking guitars from one of the most revered names in the business, the Martin Backpacker impresses on a number of levels. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. Also, don’t leave it unattended because it will get easily stolen, and make sure you clean it regularly. In my case, I tried finding a balance between them, that’s what the best acoustic travel guitars should have. On the other hand, if you would like to have a guitar that’s both cheap and good-sounding (which don’t usually go together), then you should also consider the features that it has. For backpacking or hiking, you won’t find a better choice. 03 March 2020. In order to pick the best acoustic travel guitars, I tried basing my research on quality, price, and size. Some travel guitars are great, even up to the point where they sound almost like a regular size guitar. 5.0 . Posted on February 1, 2019. MusicAlley is supported by its audience. It typically gets good results. The latter let you play the guitar through your amp. Learn More The 5 Best Travel Guitars Reviewed Travel guitars make it easy to take your instrument with you wherever 16 min read. Its back and sides are Mohagany, and also its neck. But the one thing they need to have in mind is the fretboard size, and the tuning that they guitar is in. Both contribute to a bold, full sound that’s especially suited to playing the blues. It is worth noting that because of its size you won’t get that sound impact as from bigger guitars but you will get a deeper and richer sound than from its counterparts. We've put together a list of the. I think it should be included on this list due to the price-quality relation and balance, and the enormous satisfaction that people have always had with this travel guitar.

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