Travian is a thrilling game, but in order to play successfully (survive, be able to grow fast, enter a first class alliance, become a strong offensive or defensive player) and enjoy your game the most, you need lots of interesting rounds to acquire sufficient experience. Today I present you some guieds/tips/tricks for Travian Offensive Gaul account. Losing 70 TTs early game is certainly not the end of your hopes of being an offensive Gaul. To make a hero you must first produce the troop to be upgraded to hero status. Prioritize TT’s over Swords as they are better raiding units and will pay form themselves eventually if you use them for this purpose. There are 3 tribe in travian: Romans, Gauls and Teutons.. At this time, I will describe the type of Gauls to survive in the battlefield at the beginning of the game, 1-30days (for normal server) or 1-10 days (for speed server), with gold / non-gold. I had 120 Phalanx, 50 Swordsman, 15 Pathfinders and the following buildings: lvl 1 Stable, Town Hall, Rally Point, Embassy and Grain Mill; lvl 3 Barracks, Market and Smithy; lvl 5 Wall and Trapper; lvl 8 Warehouse and Granary; lvl 10 Main Building, Residence and Academy. You also might want to ask someone in your Kingdom to be a sitter for you to watch your account during the nights; in turn you can sit for them. For Teutons 551 Spears (with wood oasis and 5 wood fields, or with 2 wood oases) per day. Additionally the more active you the higher cropper you should choose. Gauls are the most peaceful of all three tribes in Travian. If you settler on a 9c or 15c build your attacking troops in there, otherwise build them in your first village. Introduction. Found a second village using your sett… While following along the guide make sure to get to know your surroundings, diplomacy is very important in the game and the kingdom you are part of might make or break your game. Travian Offensive Gauls Guide by c69 About this guide: Gauls are meant to be a defensive race. Travian Strategy Guide contains all the playing strategies which me and my team used to launch us to the top of the server ranks.. I checked the wiki about the quest and it says you can only get the 800 cp after you have settled the second village. The requirements you see aren't requirements to cashing in the quest but for the quest to show up in your quest log, you can still complete the quest even if you haven't met the requirement.Same is true for other quests.For example the "Cranny to 5" quest shows up after you have been attacked the first time BUT you can build Cranny to lvl 5 any time you wish before that as well and the reward shows up as soon as you do. The Haeduan may be a strong anti-cavalry defender, but he is a very weak anti-infantry defender, making him a weak overall defender. Perhaps the most important advantage of playing Gaul is the fact that even the most aggressive attackers are unlikely to attack you until later in the game. The Town Hall will reward you with 800 culture points for completing it. This guide was made for the purpose of producing something useful for those who wish to take the leap and play Gaul. Don’t worry if the starting situation doesn’t look too good we can fix that later. With this strategy you can rise to the top of any server. The Haeduan is also a powerful attacker and decent raider, giving the expensive unit a versatility that more than makes up for its price. Gauls also have good offensive and defensive options in both their infantry and their cavalry categories while also having generally good stats for their price and training time. Make sure to fully clear each hideout so more can spawn in their place. And, each Scout of a Roman or of a Teuton consume only 1 Crop and cost 250 resources to train whereas Gaul scouts cost 270 resources to train. Raiding and clearing robbers in all 3 examples is an important source of income so consider trying those as well. Each quest will reward you with resources, before claiming the resources make sure you have enough room to store them. The Roman tribe is a very interesting one, and for some reason everyone advice new players to go for romans. If you decide to leave your current area for another kingdom make sure to contact their king first to see if he is willing to take you in.

travian gaul guide

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