In truth, Doug-Fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii, isn’t a fir, at all. It can still be found at many traditional lumberyards. with 3 in. 5/4"x4" T&G C&Better Vertical Grain Flooring 3'-5' (.968 in. Product Specifications Standard Size 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8; custom sizes available Lengths 8’ – 16’ random lengths (RL), with 5% or less 6’ – 8’ With right finish you can use Doug Fir inside or outside. Check out this absolutely stunning book-matched li. How tight is tight grain? It’s amazing that retailers are able to sell their flooring as “wood” products. Our Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Flooring is available in C & Better Vertical Grain for a more refined look in widths of 1x3", 1x4", 1x6" and 5/4x4" and lengths from 3' to 20.' Available Items: Features & Benefits:-100% Premium clear Douglas Fir-Great for porch flooring, interior flooring, or ceilings-Historically matches traditional porch flooring-Available in mixed grain, vertical grain, and 16' Finger Joint-Stain grade & paint grade options Potter commissioned the recycled beams from an old barn in Eastern WA. The grain is generally straight, although occasionally a wavy grain is present. Its heartwood is reddish in colour, while the sapwood is a lighter, yellowish colour. This is the most durable configuration for flooring. Douglas Fir provides a tough surface that will hold a finish, maintain its appearance under extreme wear and remain level without cracking, scuffing or splintering. Doug Fir lumber is straight grained and considered to be one the strongest of the softwoods. Often times made of thin veneer strips on top of plywood, many new wood flooring options today have little in common with the products […] I have access to #1 clear, vertical grain lumber, this wood is from old tanks (that is storage barrels) I have used it inside the house of course and have had only minor shrinkage in that flooring, I understand that would change outside of course,but I was wondering about the durability of the wood to the elements. Hi Chris, this 1 in. History; Our Mission; Careers; News; Brands. Best Uses: Plywood Veneers Construction lumber Available in […] Lightly colored and even possessing a slightly pink tone, this strong and versatile wood can be used for paneling, flooring, and dozens of other applications. The wood that I prefer to use for these porch decks is vertical grain Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir is one of the most common used woods in the Pacific Northwest. Tongue and Groove Flooring. Unfortunately we do not sell it with online stock for purchase and we are not able to advise when local Home Depot stores are re-stocked of specific items. Douglas Fir flooring ages to a warm orange-brown color. CLEAR VERTICAL GRAIN DOUGLAS FIR FLOORING. (651) 439-5051 | (800) 862-6003. Accepts stains, glues, and finishes well. The Douglas Fir is a stiff, stable wood, making it perfect for handling harsh weather conditions under considerable structural weight and pressure. Fir is very strong for its weight and hardness. Q: I’m building a small deck in the backyard and for cosmetic reasons am painting it rather than finishing the wood. The two most commonly used materials for such an application are Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. Great price at 49¢LF by the pallet Fir Flooring. Fir flooring is an amazing looking wood flooring aka Douglas Fir. When quarter cut/sawn the grain is straight and plain. Century Mill is extremely excited to announce that The short lengths save you a lot of money and won't warp and shift as much in the future as longer lengths. Its great for furniture, trim-work, cabinetry and doors. 1X6 Clear Vertical Grain Flush Joint BCL Item # 10139 Wt per MBF ... 2x6 Select Deck Ends BCL Item # 44261 Wt per MBF: 1750 LF per BF: 1 . Replace or repair your deck railing. It’s genus (Pseudotsuga) translates to “false hemlock.” Coastal Douglas fir is found on the British Columbia south coast and across all of Vancouver Island except for the very northern part. When Douglas Fir is milled to expose the vertical grain, the result is a consistent straight grain with a beautiful light red color that darkens in time. Douglas Fir can vary in color based upon age and location of tree. Box 669 - Winthrop, Wa 98862 Phone (800) 597-7191 - Fax (509) 997-2040 e-mail : Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST We stock Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) and Mixed Grain Douglas fir flooring in the historically-appropriate face width of 3 1/4", ready to go for restoration and renovation projects. We also offer multiple lengths and a less tight clear vertical grain for those who are price sensitive. Douglas Fir lumber has long been favored as a first choice material by builders of residential, commercial, industrial structures, and bridges. They are both clear grades but in vertical grain the grain is very straight and runs the length of the board. Potter Mountaintop Home A combination of Douglas Fir/Larch and Western red cedar give this home a timeless western charm. Douglas Fir Porch Decking is valued for it's tight vertical grain and is commonly used in Craftsman Bungalows and homes throughout the Northern United States. High grade Doug Fir in short lengths, a great deal for furniture builders. You claim to have tight grain. The grain pattern will display as an edge grain on the surface of the wood floor. When choosing which width, it is important to consider if the project is a restoration project or a new installation. Its texture is medium to coarse, luster is moderate and grain is usually straight, sometimes slightly wavy. Our reclaimed clear vertical grain doug fir T&G flooring products are truly exquisite. Douglas Fir (scientific name: Pseudotsugamenziesii) has a heartwood of light brown color with a hint or yellow or red (color varies with age and location of tree). It's an incredibly valuable commercial timber, widely used in construction and building purposes. x 6 in. The grain can range from very tight grain to loose grain. Douglas Fir tends to be pinkish to yellow heartwood; straight & plain 2x6 Select Deck BCL Item # 44261 Wt per MBF: 1750 LF per BF: 1 . Vertical grain fir is a very popular siding choice since it provides a clean and linear look. CVG Douglas Fir Flooring is offered in both 3 1/8" and the hard to find 3 1/4". How to Replace a Deck Railing. Douglas Fir - Premium Porch Lumber. This represents the average across the board. Grades: Clear Vertical Grain; Offered in 4 widths x 3.469 in.) Where the wood comes from. Quote me this product. x 4 in. 5/4 vertical grain T&G Douglas fir porch deck installed about 4 years ago. x 6 ft. Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Flooring Board Every piece meets the highest grading standards Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. x 8 ft. #2 and Better Kiln-Dried Heat Treated Spruce-Pine-Fir Lumber (100) Model# 0200352 $ 8 37. Tiger Deck; Contact Us › Douglas Fir Products in Stock . Both are typically viable options, but they both have qualities … Building Materials: Douglas Fir vs Western Red Cedar Read More » A: Tight grain implies at least 12 rings per inch and often tighter. Douglas Fir is available in clear flat grain or clear vertical grain. Our clear vertical grain (CVG) fir flooring takes stains very well and can make for a beautiful addition to any home looking for the look of vertical grain patterns in lighter color. Today is the BIG day as the CML Trading Post final. Carefully selected, the planks in this product will be milled nearly free of character marks and knots. Douglas fir is a conifer softwood that is grown and harvested in the Northwest. x 3.375 in. Rated highest of all . x 4 in. x 4 in. Strong, durable and beautiful Douglas Fir Lumber is an excellent choice for both exterior and interior building projects. x 8 ft. Untreated Kiln-Dried Douglas Fir Dimensional Lumber (304) Model# 279542 $ 14 98. coverage) Beautiful vertical grain flooring in short 3',4',and 5' lengths. Q: When I go to my local hardware store, the douglas fir flooring is very loose grain. This lumber is for a wide range of uses from framing of houses to basic interior finishing applications. 38/3' … For new installations, 3 1/8″ is less expensive and is aesthetically comparable to 3 1/4″. The color differences between the two range from yellowish to reddish brown. 2 in. It typically machines well, but has a moderate blunting effect on cutters. This solid wood flooring is kiln-dried, has a traditional tongue-and-groove profile, and comes in lengths of 8'-16'. "Old growth” Douglas Fir lumber is the finest grade of Douglas Fir available, with a clear vertical grain and very tight growth ring patterns, averaging 9 … Project Guide. The Country Clinic The clinic was built by Jerry Laverty, and Laverty Construction, a longtime customer. Buying Guide. Bear Creek Lumber 495 Twisp Winthrop Eastside Rd. / P.O. The wood that was installed on many of the old porches, and the ones I built, had a tongue and groove profile. Douglas/Vertical Grain Fir A beautiful and stately wood, Douglas Fir has been the material of choice for many remodeling and home projects in this country for over a hundred years. 85¢LF by the pallet. Douglas Fir is known for its distinctive grain patterns, produced by the varying degrees of spring and summer wood in the grain. Usually a light brown color with a hint of red and/or yellow, with darker growth rings. It's commonly used for structural applications such as beams, planks and studs because of a straight grain … DOUGLAS FIR. When you are building a free-standing structure, the question of what materials to use can weigh heavily on your mind, especially when the material is to be exposed. Homegrown on the west coast of Canada Douglas Fir Lumber offers contractors and DIYers alike resilient structural properties yet is easy to work with and aesthetically pleasing. Home; About. Read Our Guide. Order online best quality 5/4 x 6, 1-in x 5-1/2-in Douglas Fir Lumber, S4S Lumber, Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) and S4S Lumber available at Edensaw Woods WA. We’re talking about CVG (Clear, Vertical Grain) Douglas-fir; boards that are more processed and quarter-sawn—cut so the growth rings are relatively perpendicular to board faces. All Prime; Fineline Paneling; Products x 8 ft. Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Flooring Board, is a store exclusive item and only able to be bought in a Home Depot store. hello, does anyone have any experience with Douglas fir as decking? 2"x4" C&Better Kiln Dried Vertical Grain Doug Fir 3'-5' (1.469 in. We offer CVG Douglas Fir Flooring in both 3 1/8″ and 3 1/4″ widths. 1 in. 4 in.

vertical grain douglas fir decking

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