What does love sound like? is the emotion? It smells of a house, locked up and for many years forgotten. It smells like rain filling the air before the first drops break in quiet splashes on the river. Central to the poem "Fear" by Gabriela Mistral is a mother's anxiety about losing her child. You won't know what you sniffed this Halloween. - Oh strong-ridged and deeply hollowed. I know that sounds silly, but it is the only plausible answer in my opinion. Above and beyond, fear might be contagious and its scent, sometimes sensual, sometimes mystical or animal, can exude the musty and arcane smell of destiny. People can unconsciously detect whether someone is … As already suggested, fewer poems will concentrate our minds on what works, and maybe even what does not. You should mix them up. Write you poem according to this formula: What colour is the emotion? Absolutely not. . What does it taste like? By Tia Ghose 06 November 2012. First Love It appears out of nowhere, it hits you, seeing only white ,blinding you. Love is the affection of thick, chocolatey hazelnuts, What does fear taste like? Favourite answer. Choose a human emotion e.g. fear, love, hate, happiness etc. Onomatopoeia - words that sound like their meaning. Taunts them, hovers like an ecstatic bird, He's only flirting, crowd him, crowd him, Delicate, delicate, delicate, delicate-now!" 2. Occasionally I do, but it’s usually an afterthought. Fear has the same smell that death has, and it's not pretty. Bulgarian Lavender is very mild and low on the camphor notes. Answer Save. How does the emotion make you feel? Smell! Was I ever in love? It tastes like cold rice pudding . Use imaginative adjectives. If you have a lavender plant, run your hand along the leaves and sniff. † Dogs have nearly 44 times more scent cells than humans. Poems depict all emotions. For example - croon, moon, spoon. What does fear smell like? Olivia Laing writes in The Lonely City: ‘What does it feel like to be lonely? Thinks it smells like: “A passport to heaven.” "My first memory of the smell of a woman is when a friend dominated me. That way, you make the point that it's hard to … Humans Smell Fear, and It's Contagious. Saying that a vile smell was "like sucking puss out of a festered wound" does not actually describe the smell as such, but pulls on so many different thoughts and memories that the mind races to label it odious. However science has come to the rescue and evidence suggests that fear might really have a chemical component that we sense through our noses without even realizing it. Source(s): I can actually smell death. Write your poem according to this formula-What . Love is the devotion of watery jasmine and apples, running smoothly down the back of your throat. You can feel the fear and confusion in these lines from the simile poem "Greater Than That" by Joyce Garacci: "Like a bruised, little bird. † You can smell fear and disgust. Its plot concerns a hangman who arrives in a town and executes the citizens one by one. eg. 15 Answers. Happiness tastes like sunlight, smells like soft skin, feels like your favorite song. What does it sound like? What it smells like: No one ever seems to be able to describe exactly what fear smells like, though and that leads one to think that the smell of fear is more metaphorical than literal. Just Follow these simple steps: 1. How does the emotion sound? I was 20, we had rented a local hotel room together in New Jersey. An angry mob Screaming and yelling "Murder him! Jump to navigation By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent 03 December 2008 • 14:39 pm The Spanish lavender has the sharpest smell. They say dogs & other animals can smell it. What does love really feel like? What it smells like: Each variety of lavender has a slightly different scent. Make sure you use concrete descriptions and put it into a poetic verse. It's not really a smell. 12/03/2013 12:08 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2014 Why do people who love you always lie to you and think it's okay? 12 Answers. It smells like rain musty and fresh at once warning the birds to go home. Some lavenders are more subtle than others. Of course, somebody has then to select those poems, and, once Kathy decides on a feature, I’m thinking how we can all help to choose those dozen, or half dozen on which to comment, perhaps by voting, a bit like a kukai? Anonymous. A big advantage of sensory poems is that tend to come out very well, so they are good for boosting confidence! From my poem - "slurring" Repetition - repeated words or phrases,(as well as rhythms or rhymes) to add emphasis or build mood. And the rain comes water on water cool rush of sound quieting insects teasing fish drenching boaters surprised by the storm. Five sense poem what color is the emotion What does it smell like? A woman sniffs with her nose. What does it taste like? What does it sound like? and smells musty and damp. Fear looks like a dark, lonely street. Relevance. The smell of fear is real, claim scientists, as they also suggest that being scared is contagious.

what does fear smell like poem

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