In industry, radioactive cesium is also used in instruments that measure thickness, moisture, and liquid flow. Caesium nitrate is used to make optical glasses. Healthcare providers sometimes treat cancer patients with radioactive cesium (cesium-137). Cesium is an element. Caesium is widely used in clocks. The following points highlight the applications or uses of the Cesium: Cesium formate-based drilling liquids are widely utilized in the extractive oil industry. Caesium compounds with chlorides are used in photoelectric cells. Caesium is widely used in the production of electricity, electronics and in chemistry. Despite serious safety concerns, non-radioactive cesium is taken by mouth for treating cancer.This is sometimes called “high pH therapy.” Much cesium demand also comes from the oil and gas industry, which uses cesium formate brines in drilling fluids to prevent blow-outs in high-temperature, over-pressurized wells. It is utilized in thermionic generators, which convert heat energy into electrical energy. Its most common application is in the oil industry. Caesium is also used in the manufacturing of infrared lamps. Cesium can be utilized during oil drilling to help maintain pressure. Uses of Cesium Today. Cesium Uses. Non-radioactive cesium is also used to treat depression. In its natural state, cesium is not radioactive.However, it can be made radioactive in the laboratory.People use both forms of cesium for medicine. Today, cesium is still not widely used. Caesium is used in industries as a catalyst promoter.

what is caesium used for

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