With weight loss from baking the loaves will weigh around 400g and 800g respectively. The 3 lb loaf tin is finished with a durable double layer of Quantum II non-stick, which releases freshly baked bread without trouble or mess. Recipe says to use an 8 inch round tin but you only have square tins- what size should you use? With impressive measurements of 13cm wide and 21cm long, this tin earns its name as a farmhouse loaf tin… Those typical recipes that use 500g of flour are aimed towards making an 800 gram loaf which would sit in a 2lb tin. We have all been faced with this dilemma and as the size of tin is an important factor when cooking a cake it is useful to know the approximate equivalent when using a different shape tin. Choose from: 1lb loaf tin (small) 2lb loaf tin (medium) 3lb loaf tin … Quantum II is built to outperform all conventional non-stick … CushionSmart™ surface creates maximum airflow, for even baking & browning and is scratch proof. Traditional loaf tin, 3lb or 1300g, non-stick, measuring 21.5cm (8.5") long, 13cm (5") wide and 12cm (4.5" high) with steep sides and folded ends, just right for the traditional loaf shape. 3lb Loaf Tin Here at British Bakeware, we pride ourselves on stocking the best of British manufactured bakeware, and this 3lb loaf tin is the largest of all of our loaf tins that we stock. The idea is that a 1lb loaf tin will take a pound of dough and so a 2lb tin holds 2 pounds of dough. This non stick loaf tin guarantees effortless food release & perfectly baked delights every time. Baking Tin Sizes. Rated to 250C. The heavy gauge steel makes it super strong.

what size is a 3lb loaf tin

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