If you want a blooming wisteria plant any time soon, it’s best to propagate one from cuttings. Wisterias are very well suited for bonsai but their special feature is … About Wisteria Seed Pods. Seed pods and seed are poisonous. Growing wisteria from seed can be fun, however, and may produce a lovely vine that will someday produce blooms. The long velvety seed pods can literally explode and catapult their seeds out when they get ripe. Basic Care Full, all-day sun helps wisteria seedlings grow strong and develop straight stems. It can take wisteria seeds 30 to 60 days to germinate. Place the pot in a south-facing window or other sunny spot, but keep the temperatures above 55 F. Wisteria needs to be watered when the top 1/2 inch of soil feels dry. If you open a wisteria seed pod, you’ll see seeds that are either fuzzy or smooth. Wisteria take at least 7 years from seed to flowering, sometimes up to 20 years before they are mature enough to start producing flowers. The good thing is that seedlings tend to grow a thickened base of the trunk which looks good for bonsai. Most wisteria bonsai are of medium or large size because the long flower clusters need some height to hang from.

wisteria bonsai from seed

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