As we know that 6 times as many 7 means product of 6 and 7 and we get 42 as our result. The work of translating the law of gravitation into the form of astronomical tables, and the comparison of these with observations, has been in progress ever since. The Italian troubles, which had entailed the exile of Eugenius IV., were still insignificant in comparison with those conjured up by the fanatics of the Council in Basel. We therefore should expect a band in place of the line, which is the case, but our calculation is not able to give the displacement of the most intense portion, which is what we require for comparison with experiment. Write a comparison sentence 48 = 8 x 6. Only a comparison in detail will give a true impression of the extraordinary degree of resemblance. feet upwards for comparison E, Side view, later stage and with E, where it is attached). On the whole, Aegean art, at its two great periods, in the middle of the 3rd and 2nd millennia respectively, will bear comparison with any contemporary arts. Don’t write all about one text, then all about the other. How to write a comparison result correctly in simple sentence. On the other we have a stage at which the rational but as yet not reasoned concepts developed in the medium of the psychological mechanism are subjected to processes of reflective comparison and analysis, and, with some modification, maintained against challenge, till at length the ultimate universals emerge, which rational insight can posit as certain, and the whole hierarchy of concepts from the " first " universals to Ta apEA are intuited in a coherent system. In comparison with reptiles the cerebellum of birds shows high development. Near the end of the 17th century Martin Lister (1638-1712), examining the Mesozoic shell types of England, recognized the great similarity as well as the differences between these and modern species, and insisted on the need of close comparison of fossil and living shells, yet he clung to the old view that fossils were sports of nature. As a literary critic the shortcomings of Servius, judged by a modern standard, are great, but he shines in comparison with his contemporaries. Create a new teacher account for LearnZillion. You can't use comparison (involving at least 2 items) with either (involving only one item at a time). forming conclusions, not from the study of one region by itself, but from the comparison of the phenomena of many plac es. The demonstration which it affords of the extreme shortening of the Euthyneurous visceral nerve-loop is most instructive and valuable for comparison with and explanation of the condition of the nervous centres in Cephalopoda, as also of some Opisthobranchia. In order to permit a comparison of crystal forms, from which we hope to gain an insight into the prevailing molecular conditions, it is necessary that some unit of crystal dimensions must be chosen. (A comparison, incidentally, is the process of showing how things are alike; a contrast is the process of showing differences.) The content written by our service is totally original and free from all kinds of plagiarism. For a comparison of various Opisthobranchs, Aplysia will be found to present a convenient starting-point. A comparison of the two books showed that the main characters had a lot in common. There are some general rules to consider before we begin to write a comparison and contrast essay, however. In case of subject-by-subject comparison, simply focus on the topic 1 at the beginning (list issues & aspects) and then move to the second topic. This view is supported by Neumayr's comparison of Jurassic faunas throughout the world. How to interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison, Common Core Grade 4. Now, turning to the third sentence we know that the response of Ram is being compared with more than one person and therefore a word ‘quickest’ is used. Thus of 512,254 establishments included in the reports of 1900, six-tenths, employing II ~2% of the total number of wage-earners and producing 123% of the total value of all manufactures, must be omitted as neighborhood establishments in order to make the following comparison of the results of the two enumerations of 1900 and 1905. Moreover, a comparison with the earlier sources of evidence shows that it was built up out of previously existing texts. This is perhaps the most satisfactory comparison, for besides the Greco-Roman remains there is an extensive subterranean city of unknown date, which may be of great antiquity, though even this is still sub judice. Comparative degree. Previous to that date, the only step towards compilation of the census results of the empire had been a bare statement of area and population, appended without analysis, comparison or comment, to the reports for England and Wales, from the year 1861 onwards. ); the circumstances and a comparison of the details would point to its being essentially a simple dress indicative of mourning and humiliation. It is called - as usual without any authority - the villa of Arrius Diomedes; but its remains are of peculiar interest to us, not only for comparison with the numerous ruins of similar buildings which occur elsewhere - often of greater extent, but in a much less perfect state of preservation - but as assisting us in understanding the description of ancient authors, such as Vitruvius and Pliny, of the numerous appurtenances frequently annexed to houses of this description. For purposes of comparison it would be much better if the yields of corn crops were estimated in cwt. He was the first to foretell with clearness the return of his people from captivity foreshadowed by Jeremiah, and he set himself the task even in 1 Thus in comparison with the " book of the covenant," Deuteronomy adds the stipulation in reference to the release of the slave; that his master was to provide him liberally from his flocks, his corn and his wine (Deut. How to Write Comparison Essay. 5 in unbroken lines, with the iron-cementite diagram reproduced in broken lines for comparison. But for Leipzig a comparison with the Gewandhaus Band may be sought. It requires no comparison in order to express it in words, for a judgment need not be expressed, and a sensory judgment of pressure is an irresistible belief that a real pressure exists, without waiting for words, or for a comparison which is wanted not to make a sensation a judgment, but to turn a judgment into language: not all judgment then requires comparison with a view to its expression, as supposed by Hobhouse. The table below represents a linear function f(x) and the equation represents a function g(x): x f(x) −1 −5 0 −1 1 3 g(x) g(x) = 2x − 7 Part A: Write a sentence to compare the slope of the two functions and show the steps . His exegesis, which was dominated by his polemics against the Jews, is characterized by a fidelity to the literal sense, the comparison with the Hebrew text, the direct use of Jewish commentators, a very independent attitude towards traditional interpretations, and a remarkable historical and critical sense. For an experimental comparison of the accuracy of the Dumas, Will-Varrentrapp and Kjeldahl processes see L. A comparison of the various methods for estimating sulphur has been given by O. 6 of the search for the ark at Jaar (Kirjath-jearim) and Ephratah is not clear; but a comparison with 1 Chron. When writing a comparison, it is important to move equally between the two texts, and write about them together, not separately. Owing to the by-laws of the County Council, the method of raising commercial or residential buildings to an extreme height is not practised in London; the block known as Queen Anne's Mansions, Westminster, is an exception, though it cannot be called high in comparison with American high buildings. Preparing to Write a Paper using Comparison Prewriting for comparison and contrast papers can be conducted visually, through charts. Positive degree. The deflection is indicated by a pointer upon a graduated scale, the readings being interpreted by comparison with two standard specimens supplied with the instrument. There is something arbitrary in this definition, but as the practical importance of the question lies in the comparison between instruments of different types, the exact standard adopted is of minor importance, the chief consideration being simplicity of application. In comparison with the isomeric propylene, CH 3 HC:CH 2, it is remarkably inert, being only very slowly attacked by bromine, which readily combines with propylene. When we speak about only one person or thing, We use the Positive degree. Again, a comparison between ratinfested and rat-free districts in Bombay showed a much higher incidence of plague in the latter. A comparison and contrast essay dissects two related ideas. Their table of comparison published in 1906 shows the following agreement: - It seems likely that measurements of vapour pressure and compressibility may eventually enable us to determine accurately osmotic pressures in cases where direct measurement is impossible. Therefore, in the above three sentences- quick, quicker and quickest are the positive, comparative and superlative Adverbs of comparison respectively. with the five male and female elements - fire, earth, iron, water, wood; as " male-fire-bull " year, &c. This comparison is worked out in Humboldt's Vues des Cordilleres, as evidence of Mexican civilization being borrowed from Asia. In purity of tone and velvetlike gloss of surface there is distinct inferiority on the side of the Japanese ware, but in thinness of pale it supports comparison, and in profusion and beauty of incised decoration it excels its Chinese original. The Range Of Temperature In Each Experiment Was 14° To 26° C. The Rate Of Rise Was Observed With A Mercury Thermometer Standardized By Comparison With A Platinum Thermometer Under The Conditions Of The Experiment. It should be remembered that palaeontology is the most unfavourable field of all for observation and demonstration of sudden saltations or mutations of character, because of the limited materials available for comparison and the rarity of genetic series. Such a line of research suggests that instead of being able, as WH thought, to set the Western against the Neutral text (the Alexandrian being merely a development of the latter), we must consider the problem as the comparison of at least three texts, a Western (geographically), an Eastern and the Neutral. But Irenaeus was at most fifteen when thus frequenting Polycarp; writes thirty-five to fifty years later in Lyons, admitting that he noted down nothing at the time; and, since his mistaken description of Papias as " a hearer of John " the Zebedean was certainly reached by mistaking the presbyter for the apostle, his additional words " and a companion of Polycarp " point to this same mistaken identification having also operated in his mind with regard to Polycarp. He pictured the vanity of his diplomatic career in comparison with Pierre's happiness. The great difficulty of satisfactory comparison arises from the fact that few of the Beber dialects possess any writings. Origen, in his Hexapla, placed side by side the Hebrew text, the Septuagint, and certain later Greek versions, and drew attention to the variations: he thus brought together for comparison, an indispensable preliminary to criticism, the chief existing evidence to the text of the Old Testament. This is the process adopted, for instance, for comparison of the area of a parallelogram with that of a rectangle on the same base and of the same height. Williamson showed how alcohol and ether were to be regarded as derived from water by substituting one or both hydrogen atoms by the ethyl group; he derived acids and the acid anhydrides from the same type; and from a comparison of many inorganic and the simple organic compounds he concluded that this notion of a " water-type " clarified, in no small measure, the conception of the structure of compounds. The study of the evolution of faunas and the comparison of the faunas of distant regions have furnished a trustworthy instrument of pre-historic geographical research, which enables earlier geographical relations of land and sea to be traced out, and the approximate period, or at least the chronological order of the larger changes, to be estimated. Examples of Comparison in a sentence. Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley's comparison of the church and chamber pitches of Orlando Gibbons (vide Ellis's lecture) clearly shows the minor third in Great Britain in the first half of the 17th century. All true historical perspective is based upon comparison, and where only a single account has been preserved of any event or of any period of history, it is extremely difficult to judge that account with historical accuracy. fermentations induced by them, the resistance of their spores to dessication, heat, &c. - but it is worth while to ask how far these properties are really remarkable when all the data for comparison with other organisms are considered. This is not inconsistent with the law of gravitation, for such estimates as have been made of planetary perturbations due to stars give results which are insignificant in comparison with quantities at present measurable. 3. 3 "A careful comparison of Chronicles with Samuel and Kings is a striking object lesson in ancient historical composition. Then describe all the differences, using compare-contrast cue words such as "differs," "unlike," and "on the other hand," for each comparison. Each state issues its own report, in which the returns are worked up in the detail required for both local administrative purposes, and for comparison with the corresponding returns for the neighbouring territory.

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