The DXS18 is the perfect accompaniment to the Yamaha DXR and DSR PA Speakers, giving extra low end power and clarity to your live mixes. Contact. Second, the QSC KW181 1000 watt 132db max spl. The Yamaha DXS18XLF offers thunderous low end, superb clarity, and best-in-class SPL performance. Contact. ... QSC KW181. So Yamaha DXS18, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $1000 QSC KS112, as seen on the chart below. More money, but I'll have them a while and my back will thank me in the long run. The Yamaha DSR118W Active Subwoofer has a compact design and features an all-new 800W Class-D amplifier with PFC (Power Factor Correction) switching mode power supply. Ik ga akkoord. AXIOM SW215A. I preferred the sound of all the Yamaha's over the QSC's when i compared them, and the price!! ... To obtain the latest manual, access the Yamaha website then download the manual file. I have narrowed it down to two subs. The loudspeaker is also fitted with an 18" cone transducer of the same high-quality design. In that vein, I've also heard the Yamaha DXS18 sub described as a "mini Yorkville LS801P" which is also considered the loudest 18" sub in that price range (I'd say one LS801P outperforms 2 or 3 of the QSC KW181s which are no slouches). DXS18 DXS15mkll DXS12mkll POWERED SUBWOOFER 0 dBu is referenced to 0.775 Vrms. Just did some basic testing with it over the last couple days and I'm very pleased with the results. Failing that I'll be going the EKX 18sp route. I'd strongly suggest trying them out if you can. I still own my K10, but as far as modeling … AXIOM SW215A. The new QSC KS118 is a direct-radiating single-18-inch subwoofer powered by a 3,600-watt class D amplifier. This is the type of sub that will make your thump sound better than it really is. Yamaha DXS18 Prepare to make a lasting impression on your audience with the addition of DXS Series high-output, powered subwoofers to your sound reinforcement system. The QSC KW181's may just squeeze in. Yamaha DXS18. Failing that then the EKX18sp's will be my only affordable option! What do you think? Title says it all. Hi guys! The kicker for me was that I now have 4 ekx 18's vs 2 kw181's at a minimal increase in cost of 400 dollars. It's as good as the QSC KW sub in my opinion, and quite a bit cheaper at £800. Home Catalogus Geluid Actieve speakers Actieve baskasten Yamaha DXS18 Zoekterm * Terug naar overzicht. I'd look into the DSR sub though if you can afford it. If you are looking for a lighter duty, lighter weight, but … read more great robust sub go QSC KW181, but if you are looking for a sub that is solid, for large ballrooms and outdoor live sound with raw power and chest pounding bass, the Yamaha DXS 18 is the way to go. Ik ga akkoord. It's supposed to go on sale next month. Or $32 /month^ with 48 month financing* Limited Time. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that QSC KW 181 is a more popular subwoofer, based on its 80+ reviews. This powered bass-reflex subwoofer boasts a high-power 1,600-watt Class D amplifier, a 30Hz–150Hz frequency range, and can tackle any application you throw at it. It’s a successor to the well-respected KW181, which has long been my single-18 sub of choice. Product Price $1,499.99. Thanks! QSC KW181 1000 Watt 18 Inch Powered Subwoofer [QSC KW181] - Powered Subwoofers: Features K Series performance in a lightweight, birch design 1000 watt Class D power modules in all models (2 x 500 W continuous) Extensive DSP featuring DEEP™ and Intrinsic Correction™ enhances system performance DMT™ (Directivity Matched Transition) ensures uniform coverage across the entire … I've heard the QSC KW181's (with KW153 tops) ... You could always wait for the Yamaha DXS18 to come out--first impressions seem very positive, plus they'd match your tops well (looks like the DXS18 will cost something like $1300.) QSC KW122 vs Yamaha DXR12/DXR15? Turn it up loud and you'll give your audiences a beat that they can feel in their chest, or turn down low and it will give your system a rounded well balanced sound that goes right down to the bottom. Featuring high-efficiency Class-D amplifiers and a customized woofer housed in a sturdy enclosure with a band-pass construction, DXS subwoofers are able to deliver up to 1020W of raw power with minimal distortion and superb clarity. The church I am installing this in currently has 2 Carvin TRx 218 subs being pushed by DCM 4000 (2000 rms x 2). Interesse in dit product? Subs..ETX18sp vs DXS18..or ported vs bandpass? It has a maximum SPL of 132dB (peak) and extensive protection of the transducers, amplifiers, and power supply. Om de gebruikerservaring van deze site te verbeteren gebruikt deze website cookies. It includes a direct radiating 18-inch woofer powered by a class D amplifier stated to deliver up to 3,600 watts. Frequency range (at … I currently have QSC K12s, but looking to upgrade to either QSC K12.2 or Yamaha DXR12s. JBL SRX818SP. I have a pair of K12.2's and just received my KS112 sub this week. Any insight or opinions would be appreciated. QSC is not responsible for any damage or adverse effects to your loudspeakers or subwoofers, or any other equipment. I may have the possibility of buying a secondhand pair of KW181's so will be able to check them out in the next couple of weeks. *1 Power rating (120 V, 25°C). The dxs is new and if I did mostly large events or school dances I'd probably go that route. Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano Roland RD-88 Moog Matriarch Korg Minilogue Akai MPC One Arturia ... QSC KW181 18" Powered Subwoofer. ... JBL VRX918SP. I’ve specified the KW181 for several smaller venue installs and mixed my fair share of shows on it, so I was quite excited to check out the KS118. QSC, LLC is a leading manufacturer of power amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal processing, digital signal transport, and computer control systems for professional audio markets worldwide. I can't find the yamaha to listen to, no comparisons on's new so hard to know much about it. So QSC KW 181, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $900 Yamaha DXS15, as seen on the chart below. 48-Month Financing* The KW153 by QSC, sets a new standard for wood enclosure active subwoofers for the KW and KLA Series loudspeaker systems KW181 Active Subwoofer – QSC QSC Audio Products Homepage

yamaha dxs18 vs qsc kw181

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