Metal bass virtuoso Billy Sheehan also became a BB convert, laying aside his beloved Fender Precision Bass for a Yamaha BB3000 in 1984. The celebrated American singer-songwriter is a longtime fan of Yamaha acoustics, which the company custom-makes for him with slightly smaller bodies to fit the artist’s compact frame. Gaudesi’s retro futurist flair can also be seen in the signature model guitar he designed for Troy van Leeuwen from Queens of the Stone Age. $1,590.00, 1990 Greco/Zemaitis Z-3000 The rest is history. He wanted to keep it really traditional at first. $2,350.00, Blues O.N.G. $1,200.00, 1990s KAWAI "Super E" Gold $780.00, Ornetts GM6RT Custom Quilt Top Guitar #3063 MS-21C MoonSault Show Your Other Side. Guitar #2181 Guitar #U-153 $1,050.00, Yamaha SX900-B N Flying V. is not affiliated with these corporations in any way. Originally published in Guitar World, November 2009. $1,125.00, 1990s Deviser/Tune With more rock stars per square mile than any place else on earth, L.A. was definitely the place to tap into the most recent, advanced and ambitious thinking about what the ultimate electric guitar or bass might look, sound and feel like. The instrument is the most expensive Yamaha guitar ever made. The opening years of the Seventies saw Yamaha moving toward more conventional designs with its electric guitars, like the dual-humbucker, single-cutaway, Les Paul–ish SG45. $1,775.00, 2000 Greco MR-1800 Anniv. Every day, we’re selecting and procuring premium woods for pianos, drums, marimbas…you name it. $1,750.00, 2004 Ornetts GM6.1T DC Yamaha SG–2A . Brass was the magic metal of Seventies guitar design. Our Spirit. $2,490.00, 1990 Ibanez AS200 But while Yamaha guitars and basses zeroed in on the metal market during the Eighties, this was by no means the company’s sole focus. Solid spruce top, coral rosewood back and sides, ebony bridge and fretboard and mahogany neck. Guitar #U-092 Some models allowed the pickups to be switched from passive to active. Recent Yamaha SGV300 1972 Yamaha SG80T. $1,450.00, 1986 Yamaha SG-7 It really adds a different dimension to your playing. and Shango, and soon other high-profile guitarists followed suit. See Yamaha FG Serial Numbers, Interior Markings, and Labels – 1966 to 1981 for more information. Fashioning a guitar’s neck and central body from the same piece of wood allows for a more uniform vibration pattern, which results in greater sustain. That body shape has been very good for Yamaha.”. However, despite this huge stride forward in the company’s history, these guitars would continue to be available for a Japanese audience only throughout the 1950s and much of the 1960s. A Mezzoforte Hangszeráruház csapata a Yamaha kínai és japán gitár- és dobgyárában járt (mint a két legnagyobb magyarországi Yamaha gitárpartner egyike). $650.00, Sugi SH485C EM/MAHO/DW “When Carlos Santana visited Japan in 1974,” Jackie Minakuchi says, “Yamaha supported his tour and had a chance to show him the SG175. A stalwart Gibson player earlier in his career, Santana was captivated by the SG175, a dual-humbucker solidbody with a distinctive, pointy dual-cutaway body shape that resembled something like a double-cut Les Paul. respects the intellectual rights and property of the owners, luthiers and salespeople at the Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Gibson and Vintage L5 Yamaha guitar. $1,950.00, 2004 BLUES O.N.G. There’s a lot of expertise there.”. This cutting-edge thinking could be implemented in guitars that could then be mass-produced by Yamaha’s factory facilities in Japan and Taiwan, with their long-standing reputation for precision craftsmanship. $1,400.00, Aria Pro II PE-R80 SHACHI TAKE $1,390.00, Yamaha Super Flighter SF5000 Cherry Sunburst YA-18 - Guitar #U15-4-J  “This is a perfect place to talk to artists,” says Minakuchi, who left Japan to work full time out of YASH as co-director of the facility. $2,100.00, 1980s Greco Danelectro But not all great Yamahas came out of North Hollywood in the Nineties. $2,280.00, 1985 Yamaha It’s a shame that these instruments never made it to America in the mid Sixties. Show Your Other Side. $1,390.00, Combat Solid-Warm GT 1965 Zenon ZES-60. Guitars, basses and amplifiers, born in Japan since 1966. You see artists like Jason Mraz and John Mayer doing it, and that’s why we came out with those models. Tenryu/Wada Factory Made in Japan This is a five digit sequential system. SOLD, 2007 FgN (Fujigen) He played it in concert and ordered a 24-fret version of the SG175 with a Buddha inlay. It’s almost like a surrealist version of an archtop guitar. Japan-based Yamaha Corporation is a multinational with a wide range of products and services, including musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment. The timing was right. 1960s Zim Gar Guitar Lasner and his American colleagues worked closely with Minakuchi in Japan. Namely, the 21 1/4’’ scale length is making this guitar pretty convenient for beginners or children. The Yamaha SG guitars became such a presence in the market that, during the Eighties, the company was obliged, at the insistence of Gibson, to change the model designation from SG (which had stood for “solid guitar”) to SBG (“solid body guitar” to avoid confusion with Gibson’s own SG models. I thought it would be great to get Japan involved in the guitar as well, so they could feel some personal ownership. He said that he was influenced by the Buddha spiritually.”. 1987 Greco Super Real RF-140 Gretsch Red Falcon Replica w/ Original Hard Case So Yamaha was the first to do that, working with artists like John Patitucci and Nathan East.”. Some rare white oval labels are Nippon Gakki made in Japan: There’s one big exception concerning early FG’s. The transducers are insulated with neoprene rubber and wood spacers.”. USD $43 million) to develop a musical instrument manufacturing factory in Indonesia. Guitar #U-603 Show Your Other Side. SOLD, 1990 Yamaha Image Deluxe We use one on the bass side and one on the treble side, and you can blend them any way you want. enthusiasts; for the sole purpose of providing information, photo documentation and research tools. The company, originally called Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd., was founded in 1897 by organ-maker Torakusu Yamaha. Yamaha acoustics became high visibility items during the Seventies. Idol also manufactured amplifiers. SCROLL. $1,650.00, 2000 Ibanez JCRG-2 ( RG9570 ) W/HC Guitar #2281 “Yuzo Kayama was a movie star and wrote lots of songs. Jimmy Page played Yamaha acoustics during Led Zeppelin’s 1975 world tour and would later make Yamaha his acoustics of choice for the Page/Plant Unleaded tour in the Nineties. Guitar #U5-481 Gaudesi says, “Originally we were going to do a vintage trem on Wes’ guitar. Guitar #U-172 The latest acoustic models from the company are a pair of electrified nylon-string guitars: the NCX, which is a traditionally shaped nylon-string guitar, and the NTX, which boasts a thinline, single-cutaway body. $1,850.00, 1987 Greco WF-140 Super These prototypes, in turn, set the stage for the neckthrough Yamaha SG2000. The SG7 had a 12-string sister, the SG12a, and bass guitar brother, the SB7. The FG-110 and FG-150 are Folk size guitars, similar to Martin’s 000 size. Yamaha developed a comprehensive line of acoustics and electrics in the Eighties—everything from jazz archtops to traditional Gibson/PRS-ish solidbodies like 1988’s Image Series. © The thinner body helped reduce feedback and was aided in this job by an onboard EQ optimized for the task of notching out feedback-friendly frequencies.Espoused by country star Wynonna Judd and countless others, the APX became standard equipment for live acoustic playing in all genres during the Eighties. But Simon was hardly alone. The idea was to harness those massive Yamaha manufacturing and marketing engines to what was basically a small, focused, boutique-style, super-hip custom shop. Great deals on Acoustic Guitar Made In Japan. We can get their opinion very easily and I can talk to Japan that same day and say, ‘Please change this,’ or ‘Maybe this is not a good idea.’ ”, Meanwhile, Yamaha acoustic guitars became a major priority for Dennis Webster when he joined the company circa 2003, coming over from Gibson. But obviously this is a little better quality.”. And “Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd” Japan: Around 1976 – 1977 Yamaha changed to a oval white or orange label: Almost all white oval labels are made in Taiwan. YGD collaborated with Japan on several other outstanding instruments in the Nineties, including the AES1500, a thinline hollowbody archtop with a Bigsby tailpiece that was in the vintage Gretsch spirit but outfitted with Yamaha’s Q-100 soapbar style pickups. Among his other of his design hallmarks is the use of piezo bridge pickups in instruments that don’t usually have piezos, such as archtop electrics and bass guitars, as well as advancing the concept of the six-string bass. As the SG175 was a set-neck instrument, Santana had Yamaha make him two 175 prototypes with a neckthrough-body design. Yamaha’s all-out bid for the Eighties shred/hair metal market came in 1987 in the shape of the pointy RGX Series guitars and RBX basses. Guitar #U1-262 “But that little plastic switchplate is something I had to fight hard for. Guitars, basses and amplifiers, born in Japan since 1966. Guitars, basses and amplifiers, born in Japan since 1966. For the f-holes, I took a photograph of the tattoos on Wes’ forearms, digitized that, and that’s exactly what’s on the guitar.” The guitar’s back, sides and center block are all carved from a single piece of alder. Paul McCartney became an early BB proponent, wielding a BB1200, as seen on the video for his tune, “Coming Up,” during the early Eighties. "The Man" “In 1990, there were not many six string basses,” Minakuchi says, “especially from the big companies. As a result of all these efforts Yamaha has gone “from the number-five spot in the American acoustic market to the number-one position it occupied in the past,” according to Webster. There was a problem. SCROLL. Yamaha’s pedigree dates back to that age as well. We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. “Yamaha had been really focusing on electric guitars,” he says. Guitar #3103 One more key figure in the SG7 design was guitarist Takeshi Terauchi, leader of the pop group the Blue Jeans, who acted as an artist consultant for the instrument. Contact John. $2,550.00, Burny HR But then Limp Bizkit decided to get back together and Wes said, ‘Man, there’s no way I can play that stuff without a locking trem.’ So I changed some drawing and specs on this trem that Jackie was working on. All manner of guitar hardware was fashioned from the dense metal in the endless quest for greater sustain. Three Yamaha Designs Selected in the Good Design Awards 2019 2-10-2019. To reflect the facility’s enhanced functionality, its name was changed from Yamaha Guitar Development (YGD) to Yamaha Artist Services Hollywood (YASH). This page was created for collectors and Venerable American guitar brands like Martin, Gibson and Washburn proudly trace their histories back to the 19th century. Great deals on Yamaha Vintage Acoustic Guitars. Meanwhile, innovative new models like the Borland and van Leeuwen signature electrics and NCX/NTX nylon-strings continue to impact the guitar playing universe. “So when he came in for his first design session, it was actually pretty refreshing. Between $200 and $300 (2) Between $200 and $300 (2) Facet Value. Guitar #3031 The FG-140, FG-180, FG-230 & FG-300 are dreadnaught size (which they call “Jumbo”) guitars with a slightly different shape that is unique to Yamaha. w/Original Hard Case Guitar #U1-202 Vintage YAMAHA MIJ Japanese Guitar Collection, guitars for sale and detailed information about vintage YAMAHA guitars for collectors and players Dark Night - Guitar #5NLAM Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, (Acoustic Resonant Transducer) onboard amplification system, which is used in popular Yamaha steel-string guitars like the APX and CPX Series as well as some L Series acoustics. $1,870.00, 2008 Freedom RRH-12 Light Show “There are more pop and rock players wanting to add that nylon-string sound to their palette. Guitar #U2-1-J  View the Listing. So far the 2000s have brought several key strategic changes for Yamaha guitars. $2,390.00, 2000 Ibanez AR2000VV In the same way, the Yamaha SG2000 and its spin-off SG Series guitars are products of the Seventies that are still very much in use today. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. is a dedicated collection of Vintage MIJ Japanese Guitars with some always for sale and detailed information on the best brands from the 70's and 80's Bath SCROLL. “Woodstock, the first man on the moon and the first Yamaha guitars to arrive in the U.S.—it all happened in 1969,” Yamaha Guitar marketing manager Dennis Webster notes. SOLD, all content of this site © 2009, Vintage & Rare Japanese Unique Guitar Archive, Questions? It is one of the constituents of Nikkei 225 and is the world's largest piano manufacturing company. Guitar > Guitars > Yamaha Acoustic Guitars; Filter by Press enter to collapse or expand the menu. Yamaha played a pivotal role in the emergence of Japanese guitars in the Seventies as world-class contenders, equal—and in some instances, superior—to their American and European counterparts. In 1969, a little-known Japanese instrument company took a chance andshipped a batch of guitars to the U.S. The NCX and NTX will be the first Yamaha nylon-string guitars to employ the company’s A.R.T. Both were developed in consultation with the popular guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriella. They produce a wide variety of acoustic guitar models that rank among the most popular that we sell. $4,600.00, 2010 Ibanez STM1 Iceman Sometimes it can happen that you find two different serial numbers in the sound box. Guitar #3113 So I got both sides of the world involved, as far as Yamaha goes. Guitar #301 In 1977, the company created a custom CJ52, “country jumbo,” acoustic for John Lennon, which sported a curling red dragon inlaid on the guitar’s black body, along with a circular yin/yang symbol. The British Invasion of the mid Sixties and psychedelic explosion of the late Sixties had made rock and roll a big business. Guitar #082 But the guitar R&D team at Yamaha took a more pragmatic approach to the rock and roll invasion from the West, wisely reasoning that, if you couldn’t beat them, you could most certainly join them. By 1941 Yamaha had begun to branch out into guitar making, focusing initially on steel- and nylon-string acoustics that were sold only in Japan at first. $2,550.00, 1970s Electra 335 Tree of LIfe Yamaha and fellow Japanese giant Ibanez had a particularly strong hold on the metal market, and with good reason. Guitar #U-751 “Wes is an artist as well as a musician,” Gaudesi notes. Guitar #U5-411 All rights reserved. Guitar #U-211 Our Spirit. ... 2020 marks two related anniversaries for Yamaha Guitars: the 30th anniversary of Yamaha Guitar Development - our Los Angeles custom shop - and the 30th anniversary of the Attitude series. The Yamaha Corporation plans to invest IDR 568.5 billion (approx. Under the design leadership of Hiroshi Sakurai, the company’s top-of-the-line L Series was revamped with a new 90 degree X bracing system and a “C Block” neck joint that enhances the traditional dovetail neck joint design for greater stability and resonance. This minor shift in nomenclature has done nothing to diminish the popularity of these Yamaha electrics. system employs “two transducers, which are kind of like little microphones, mounted inside the guitar body. In the years that followed, Yamaha acoustics would acquire a solid reputation as roadworthy instruments that offered plenty of value for a modest price. The move coincided with the 30th anniversary of Yamaha acoustics in 2003. $2,410.00, Aria Pro II PE-R80 1967 Yamaha SG-3 Guitar. $220.00. At Yamaha, we’ve been working with wood for over 100 years now. There is no specific year of manufacturing data available. Guitar #U-971 It was reissued in the mid-Nineties as the SGV (the V stands for Vintage) and has found favor with modern players like Meegs Rascon of Coal Chamber. It’s always good as a fourth or fifth guitar.

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